Babe Ruth Painting (18X24)
Babe Ruth Painting (18X24)

Babe Ruth Painting (18X24)

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This item, a painting of New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth on an 18X24 wood canvas, is 1 of 1. There is no other like it.

Lost Ballparks artist Michael Koser has created a new series of original paintings, "Lost Ballparks Legends" featuring some of baseball's all-time greats. 

Babe Ruth is considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time! A former teammate once said, “To understand him you had to understand this: He wasn’t human.”

Ruth finished his 22 year career with a lifetime batting average of .342,  714 home runs, 2,873 hits, was a 7X World Series Champion and oh by the way, he won 94 a PITCHER! 

Ruth was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.

“It wasn’t that he hit more home runs than anybody else, he hit them better, higher, farther, with more theatrical timing and a more flamboyant flourish.” - Sportswriter Red Smith