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How it started

Photo:  Charles Repsher

I grew up going to Municipal Stadium in Cleveland with my Dad. Those lazy, sunny afternoons spent on Lake Erie are some of my favorite childhood memories. When I lost my Dad in 2009, I became reflective and really started to think about how these old, lost ballparks keep us connected to not just baseball history, but to those we love; the ones who took us to games, bought us our first baseball cap and pack of cards.

I have always been the nostalgic type and even more than old photos or details about a particular ballpark, what I love are the stories that folks tell.

And now, after 25 years in television and radio, I have connected my profession with my passion.

Lost Ballparks is a podcast (new episode every Wednesday) that takes you on a journey back to baseball's Lost Ballparks, as told by the players, broadcasters and fans who provide first hand accounts of what it was like to spend a  summer afternoon at Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds, Connie Mack Stadium, Forbes Field, Yankee Stadium, Comiskey Park, Tiger Stadium, Crosley Field and many more.

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