Koufax Commission Painting (11X14)

Koufax Commission Painting (11X14)

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Lost Ballparks artist Michael Koser has created a new series of original paintings, "Lost Ballparks Legends" featuring some of baseball's all-time greats. 

This item, a painting of Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax - "Koufax" on an 11x14 wood canvas, is 1 of 1. There is no other like it.

Sandy Koufax was a 7x All-Star, 4x World Champion ('55, '59, '63, '65), NL MVP, 3x Cy Young award winner, 2x World Series MVP, author of 4 no-hitters and 1 perfect game, member of MLB's "All Century Team" and 1972 inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Oh, and he did all of that in only 12 seasons!!!!

"Either he throws the fastest ball I've ever seen, or I'm going blind."  - HoFer Richie Ashburn

Yogi Berra remarked on Koufax's remarkable 1963 season, “I can see how he won 25 games. What I don't understand is how he lost five."

“You name a better left-hander in the history of baseball and I’ll eat my hat." -  HOFer Harry Hooper.